Homeopathy Background
Homeopathy is the most popular, best known of all the complementary medicines and is one nearest to conventional medicine. In many ways this remarkable system of medicine is based on the laws of similar. It is safe, effective, easy to use, and gentle - but quick in action, without any side effects to young Children, Old and even Pregnant women.

Homeopathy is the leader in the worldwide trend towards holistic natural approach treating the main root cause and not the effects of the disease. Medicines are prepared from its pure natural form by scientific potentisation. It has no adverse side effects on humans cells and body tissues. It is non- habit forming and easy to take.

Some of the most happiest results can be seen in children and pregnant women where conventional drugs have caused devastating permanent side effects. It does not reject the great discoveries of modern medical science but only at their generalisation and commercial abuse at the cost of human health.

This system of medicine has been continuously developed through research, which first began 200 years ago and it is now used by many countries throughout the world. It is widely used, here in the UK. The royal family uses Homeopathy as their primary form of medicine.

Many people do not understand 'Homeopathy'. They think it is something practiced generations ago, before modern medicine began. It is vaguely to do with herbs. In facts Homeo; like so many words in our English Language is Greek and translated as "Like" and 'Pathos' means suffering. The foundation of homeopathy is based on the "Law of Similars". In it's simplest terms "let like be treated by likes'.

The principle was known to the father of modern medicine Hippocrates and Paralesus but the main credit goes to Dr Samuel Hahnemann, a great doctor of the late 18th century. Qualified and practicing the conventional medicine was appalled by the toxic side effects and reactions of the drugs and the cruel practice of blood lettings and leaking.